The Queen Limited Ed. Glass

The Queen Limited Ed. Glass

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Long live The Queen!

Formerly known as Whiskey Queen, our whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout is now known simply as The Queen. Same beer, new name. At 10.5% ABV, The Queen starts her journey to the throne as a pitch-black Imperial Stout, aged over seven months in American whiskey barrels to develop complex vanilla, chocolate and coconut aromas and a signature boozy finish. Warm, yet authoritative, The Queen boasts an unforgettable silky mouthfeel backed by roasted malt and oak flavors.

An iron fist in a velvet glove, The Queen rules.

Celebrate The Queen imperial stout in regal style with this limited edition 13oz Harmony Stemless glass. Features full wrap artwork that fits around the entire glass and is a fantastic stemless wine glass but has proven to be popular as craft beer glassware as well, thanks to its unique shapeThe bowl of this 13 ounce glass tapers to a smaller mouth which helps concentrate aromatics, making for a fuller, exceptional drinking experience.

Colors: Purple, Cream, Brown
Brand: The Queen; Rastal Harmony 40 Tumbler
Size: 13oz (14oz brimful)
Quantity: Limited edition of 72 glasses

The Queen 750ml Bottle sold separately - Find it here!